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A Trial or "testing" is one of the business methods often used by bus and minibus companies when a new feature or bus model is introduced. In order to facilitate testing when making certain service adjustments, or reduce the resistance of cancellations if unsatisfactory results in the future. The trial period is generally 3-6 months, and then it will be decided whether the change will be permanently implemented according to the actual situation. Therefore, during the trial period, the bus company will analyze the actual international passenger load of each service. If Usage is Low, the bus company will reduce the frequency, change the route or even cancel it after the trial. This may also include features such as onboard television, Wi-Fi and mobile payment.

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The some of Citybus stop Flags located at Eastern Hospital Road are using the design of "Foldable Flags" to cooperate with the special traffic arrangement when large-scale events are held at the Hong Kong Stadium. When the 5B line is diverted, it only needs to turn over to display "Temporarily Suspended" sentence of the stop.
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